Thursday, March 12, 2009


Since the last video was somewhat, ahem, boring, I hereby give you baby squeals of delight:

Charles seems to giggle and squeal a bit more each day. He is also getting easier to read, as far as moods and schedules go, each day. But, we still have our rocky patches. He was quite noisy today and I had worked really hard all day (groceries, long, difficult walk with the dog and stroller, a couple hours at work, hospital visit, cooking dinner for Tony and for Buster, etc) and was possibly, maybe, a bit torn up from seeing a very dear friend stuck in a hospital bed due to complications from chemotherapy, so by the time Tony got home for dinner, I was on my last nerve. And then, Charles wouldn't eat but a few bites of cereal. Seriously, how is this supposed to help him sleep better if he won't eat more than a half-ounce of the stuff? Not to mention that I have to pump to get breastmilk to mix with the cereal, and I haven't pumped much lately and so am using up backstock. Which makes me worry about having enough for him when he goes to daycare, if I can ever find a daycare that will take a part-time infant. I am not very good at pumping, mostly because the only way I experience letdown is when Charles eats, and not just simply because I put a vacuum to my breast. This makes the process of pumping long and arduous (any advice, ladies?), and truly, I don't have an extra fifteen minutes in my day to do it! I am typing with one hand right now, the other holding a sleeping baby! [If I had a third hand, I would be holding a glass of wine to my lips.]

So, yeah, there you have it. I think I just really need some sleep. Charlie is still waking me to eat every two hours, and after feeding and then soothing to sleep in his crib, I am up for a half-hour each time. Good thing he is so darned cute.

Tomorrow, we are going to walk back to the hospital, and go into work at Goodwinds, and do the dog park thing, and hopefully be awake enough to make dinner. We'll see... I hear Leland might bring over a cinematic adventure featuring Leslie Nielsen, so I might just blow off dinner in favor of cold cereal and laughs. Speaking of, did I tell you that Tony is putting chocolate soy milk on his raisin bran these days? So weird...


K Schimmy said...

I have, ahem, lots of pumping experience since I do it FIVE TIMES A DAY. If you have any questions, please ask. I'm what the online communities call an "EPer". Yeah, weird.

Stephanie said...

Make sure you have a good pump. I tried a little cheaper one and couldn't produce anything, I moved up to the medela pump in style and had much more success. It's spendy but worth it if you'll pump often.

Also, my kids started food earlier because they were doing the same thing, reverting to waking every 2 hours and wanting to nurse, but neither of my kids liked rice cereal. We moved on to fruits and veggies pretty quickly and they ate that much better than the rice. And it did help with sleeping better. Good luck!

Amelia said...

yeah, I have a rental from the hospital, so it's good. I am just not "letting down".

Amanda and Izabel Rainha said...

I Found with Izabel to put the rice in a bottole. If your taken him to daycare he going to have to get use to a bottle. Izabel either like the rice very very thick or very soupie. So I p ut the rice in her bottle and she loves. She was alergic to milk when born and I couldnt produce enough to give her anything. Plus having to stay in the hosptial for 3 weeks she was use to a bottle. She on Hypo algogentic formual. Try to swtich her back to regular then to milk. Try to get her to over come her milk problems.

K Schimmy said...

To encourage the letdown, make sure Charles is close by... get him to do something cute. He triggers it when he's at the "tap" so it may work. It still works for me even though Ruary hasn't been at the tap for a couple months.

Are you using a Medela Lactina? Those things are amazing, and that's what I'm using. I actually found the Pump In Style to have an inadequate cycle (too short) and it caused me pain because it didn't drain me enough. I'll never use it again... I'll lug the big blue monster with me wherever I go if I have to.

Another thought, although Charles may not like it... have him start nursing to encourage the letdown, then pump? Although I'm sure the screaming would be too much. I wish I could tell you how to get it going, but I don't have to do much to get the letdown reflex anymore.