Monday, March 16, 2009


Doesn't he look nice in hats?

I think we have the food thing down. Charles hates soupy, thin gruel, but make that rice cereal thick like an Ilwaco fog, and he swallows it down eagerly. Now, for the sleep thing, we haven't learned that yet. Charles still wakes every two hours to eat from mom, which means I wake every two hours. We have also reached that point where Tony comes home extremely late and then passes out, so he doesn't wake up to change diapers or nuthin. Which is fine, he needs his sleep, but I do feel quite alone in the dark, cold, wee hours of the early morn, especially since Charlie fusses until his diaper is changed and then sleeps through feeding. Therefore, I AM THE ONLY ONE NOT SLEEPING!!!
"What'd I do?"



K Schimmy said...

Not everyone can pull off hats... we are fortunate that our boys make them work.

Tony said...

Charlie can pull off hats...then I put it back on...he pulls it's a vicious cycle.