Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Doughnuts Are My Coping Strategy

One sentiment I’ve heard expressed in a variety of manners since we started telling people that we are expecting our third boy is “You’re going to be so busy!”


I don’t think that boys have the monopoly on busy (one of my close friends has two teenaged girls and she has spent every evening for the past eight years attending volleyball and basketball games and track meets, not to mention working with her children’s 4-H groups in the summer), nor do I think the mixture of sexes has anything to do with it; three kids equals busy, no matter if they’re girls or boys.  That said, yes.  Yes, we are going to be busy.


photo (11)

Having some “alone” time, which both of my children have started requesting


It’s something that happens gradually, this busyness, and for that I guess we can be thankful.  My children are still young enough that there are quiet Saturdays and relaxing evenings at home (okay, that’s an exaggeration – very little that these boys do is quiet and their jumping around in the evening is only relaxing because they occupy each other with their monster fighting in another part of the house while I spend a few relaxing moments loading the dishwasher) and few demands on our time.  But the demands are coming.  Yesterday, we went directly from swim lessons to soccer practice and will do the same on Thursday.  When swim lessons end, soccer practice for young Jamie begins.  School starts next year for Charles, and the start time is about an hour later than I usually try to get out the door with him and Jamie.  I’ll be walking Charles to school, so that will further crunch our time, and I haven’t quite worked out how to get Jamie to preschool in the same timeframe yet.  Field trips and after-school activities and PTA meetings are all coming for us, and coming fast.


In an effort to exhaust them before bedtime and spend some time away from the house with Tony, we took advantage of some recent nice weather to cart the kids to Anacortes to play at a new-to-them park and then shock their systems with some high-sugar doughnuts.


photo 2 (20) 

As fast and as high as possible


 photo 1 (20)

Chocolate-covered, jelly-filled

 photo 3 (20)

Blueberry fritter


Given the fact that Charles fell asleep on the ride home, I’d say we succeeded.

   photo 2 (19)


I figure we have a few more years of parks and doughnuts before we get really busy with these boys.  I intend to enjoy them as much as possible.

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Janine said...

The Donut House is amazing. I'm glad I don't work in close proximity to it anymore!