Thursday, March 27, 2014

Minor Catastrophes

It’s turning into one of those days: a shitstorm of minor catastrophes that slowly suck the life out of you.


My company website and our email are down.  I have done what work I can, but now I, and all of my employees, are sitting around “making” work.  I’m about to go clean the bathroom, which tells you how bad the situation has become. 


The news that the website was down came as I was loading the kids into the car, on time for preschool for once.  I already knew I would be late to the office, though, because my dog is broken.  That’s the other minor catastrophe: sometime between yesterday afternoon and last night, Buster stopped being able to get up from the floor.  Or at least get up easily.  He’s at the vet’s and I am awaiting diagnosis.  I found a big tumor under the fur on his butt, but it could just be that he has a herniated disc and the tumor is nothing.  *Just* a herniated disc.


And then there’s this tragedy in Oso.  I really just have to stop reading the news, but it turns out that they just found the body of the missing 4-month-old girl, and I immediately started crying.  It’s just so terrible that I’m overwhelmed sometimes.


So, you know, I could use some cheering up today.  Anyone know any funny jokes?


Jennifer L. said...

That's way too much unhappiness for one day. Good luck with everything. Check this out for a laugh:

Margarita Primavera said...

* Hugs! *
Hope today is better! And hope Buster is doing okay.
And remember that a glass of wine every once in a while is most definitely okay.