Tuesday, March 11, 2014


As weekends without my husband go, this was one of the best.  It helped that we took Friday and Monday off, but miracle of miracles, we also had fantastic traffic on both the trip down to the beach and the trip home.  That NEVER happens.  Other than frequent potty stops until the napping started, we ate our PBJs and breezed right through, clocking both drives at about 4.5 hours. 


The next time we make that drive, we’ll likely be potty training, so we’ll stop every hour.  Considering that I need to pee that frequently anyway, it won’t be such a bad deal.  AND Tony will be with us then, so he can stay in the car with a sleeping child or an iPod-watching child while I run into the bathroom at a rest stop, or I can stay in the car while he helps Charles or Jamie pee on the side of the highway.


The next time after that that we make the drive to the beach, we’ll have a newborn.  I just… I can’t even.


photo 1 (16)

Falling asleep at the dinner table


You might think that, after working with my brother all week long and living down the street from him, I wouldn’t need to spend time with him on a weekend away.  You would be wrong, however.  On vacation, when we leave the office and the daily drudgery of life behind, we enjoy each other’s company quite a bit.  I’m really glad we scheduled to visit our parents on the same weekend.


We didn’t do much on Friday (well, I took a ridiculously LOOOONG nap, if that counts as “something”), but Grandpa Roger and Uncle Leland took the boys on a hike up to the Northhead Light House.  No photos, but two exhausted kids.


photo 3 (15)photo 2 (15)


Who were then further exhausted by wrestling with Grandpa Joe.


photo 1 (14)

Jamie decided to pedal – he had been taught ages ago, but even if he understands the mechanics of something, he has to decide to do it.  By the end of the weekend, he was careening through the house, scaring the dogs.

It rained, nay, poured, all day Saturday.  The boys bounced off the walls inside, helped Grandpa and Uncle Leland and Stephanie (who came for a visit, too!) in the shop, and spent ninety minutes dancing to Disney songs before dinner with me (that was my exercise for the day).  Result: falling asleep on the couch before bedtime.


photo 2 (13)


Lucky for us and our burgeoning cabin fever, the weather was perfect for a wintry day at the beach on Sunday: misty and breezy, but not too cold.  We drove to Beard’s Hollow and Charles became a mountain climber.

 photo 3 (14)photo 1 (17) photo 4 (5)


Jamie sort of stood around the whole time.  I accidentally zipped his lip in his coat.  Am awesome.


photo 2 (14) photo 1 (15)

photo 4 (6)

Overexposed… to fun!


photo 3 (17) photo 2 (16) 

Paradise, n’est-ce pas?  We were loathe to leave.

 photo 3 (13) 

Our next beach adventure will include the boys’ initiation into razor clam digging in April – I can hardly wait!

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