Thursday, March 6, 2014

On the Road Again

Oh, hiiiii.  I’ve never wanted something caffeinated more in my life and not been able to have it.


Jamie was up at 6:15, ready for breakfast.  In the ensuing two hours and forty-five minutes, both of my children stalled so much that we were really late to preschool and work.  If anyone knows of a way to get my children to do something the first time I ask, instead of waiting until I have asked, asked a second time, taken away toys, taken away books, threatened them with their lives, and then walked to put stuff in the car and maaaybe made them think I was leaving without them, I’m all ears.


So we’re leaving again.  This time, we’re going to the beach to visit my parents, where I have dreams of being able to take a nap or at least sleep past seven in the morning.  Leland will be there, too, and he’s requested that mom make Stuffed Monkey Brains (stuffed bell peppers) for dinner, so I’ll get to see the war between fascination at ostensibly eating monkey brains (what?  I’m not going to tell them what it really is!) and automatic rejection of a new food.  I wonder which will win?  We’d better make some nachos just in case rejection wins out. 


I hope you have a great weekend.  I know we will, so long as I can survive the multi-hour trip in the car with two loud children and a dog, with only my cunning to protect me.  Tony is, of course, staying home (at the office) to work all weekend long.

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