Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Name Game

Charles thinks that he and Jamie should change their names when we have the new baby so that the three of them can be Huey, Dewey, and Louie.  Who gets what name changes all the time, but the cutest part is that Jamie can’t really say any of the names.


“Daddy!  I gon be Hooey, Charles gon be Loooie, and de baby gon be Doobie!”


So, Doobie’s on the list.  Along with Superman (we’d all have to change our names to other superheroes to keep with the theme), Buddy, Bucky, Ducky, Booger, Gooey, Lucky, Nick (because Sally and Nick are the kids who play with the Cat in the Hat), Martin (“Maawtin” says Jamie) and Chris (from Wild Kratts), Stinky, Farty, and Poopy.


I told Charles that he will likely want to call the baby Stinky, Farty, and Poopy on many an occasion anyway, so we should give the child a normal name for the rest of the time.


Thank God Tony and I get to name this child, and not his brothers.  I think we have settled on a name, or at least a first name, but we’re going to have to roll it around in our heads for a while longer to be sure.  The biggest problem with having a last name like Cook and favoring traditional names is that there is bound to be someone famous with the names we are considering for our child.  In an era of “unique” first names, and of everyone trying desperately to distinguish their children by virtue of a unique name, we have come to accept that our boys will all three have stunningly normal, common names. 


I am just waiting for the day that Jamie learns of Captain James Cook’s massacre in Hawaii.  Tony says, “Yeah, but he was in Hawaii.  I mean, if you’re going to be massacred somewhere, it might as well be paradise.”  There’s all kinds of messed-up logic going on in this family.


If this baby had been a girl, she would have been named Josephine Jane.


Julia said...

They may be "stunningly normal, common names" but that in itself makes them unique, in unique name culture. :) names were so hard for us, not settled on until quite a while after birth for both babes.

Amelia said...

Jamie reminded me today that "Loopy" and "Doopy" should also be in consideration.

Charles and James are both top-25 names. The third baby's name will be normal, and one everyone has heard of, but not even top 100. A bit of a throwback, if the current favorite name sticks.

Julia said...

Here's a fun fact about the Talley family I forgot to add: my great grandmother had a couple boys and actually named them Huey & duey. For real. Love those Mississippi roots!!