Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blame the Panic on the Pregnancy

I got all the information for church day camp for Charles in the mail yesterday.  Does is totally freak anyone else out the number of waivers we have to sign to have our kids do anything?  I’m pretty sure I just agreed to hold harmless anyone and everyone if my child dies from their negligence during this week.  Which seems CRAZY, since they are going to be interacting with venomous snakes and kangaroos and possums (they bite!), riding ponies, swimming in a pool (will there be a lifeguard???), playing at a beach, and riding on busses driven by VOLUNTEERS.  VOLUNTEER BUS DRIVERS.  My blood pressure just shot up.


And lunches.  You guys, in what will be my 39th week of pregnancy, I have to pack a lunch WITHOUT PEANUT PRODUCTS each day for a whole week.  I guess this is a preview of kindergarten and what I will soon be doing every day for the rest of my life, but I’ll admit it: I panicked.  I can barely figure out lunch for myself, let alone my kids.  They eat a lot of quesadillas on the weekends.  And eggs.  Anyhow, after I freaked out for a bit, I sat down with Charles and we brainstormed a list of lunch items he would enjoy, so at least I have a shopping list now.  And it’s mostly good stuff!  Sliced turkey, string cheese, raisins, apple slices, cold cheese pizza… turns out the kid is pretty easy going.  Maybe I’m the only one who’s hung up on peanut butter (because it’s so delicious!).


Or maybe the panic is just that I am really, really, really pregnant.  At 37 weeks, my feet are so swollen that I don’t fit into shoes, only flip-flops, and those leave marks on my feet.  I’m so tired I could nap all day and I really don’t want to eat anything but fruit and Oreos with milk (super healthy, right?).  I don’t feel nearly ready to have this baby, regardless of the fact that I have unpacked all my nursing bras and thrown a new toothbrush into my hospital bag.  There’s simply too much going on over the next two weeks (payroll and beginning of the month stuff at work, Jamie’s birthday, day camp for Charles, Tony’s Rotary Installation, bulk berry deliveries… I could go on) that I’m starting to feel like this was insanely poor planning on my part to have a baby in July.  And yet, I want to meet this little guy, so I’m hoping the next couple of weeks go quickly.  Except for Jamie’s birthday.  I’d feel terribly if I hurried that along at all.


photo (27)


Maybe I should go get some more of those delicious buttermilk pancakes to pass the time.  I’m sure my double chin will thank me.  (Not.)

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