Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Headed for a Slowdown

A daily nap?  Please, I’ll take two.


Life is getting slower here chez Cook.  I still exercise, I still do laundry and make dinner, but I’ve started asking for help with many other household chores.  And I’m not really going anywhere anymore, except the swimming pool.  In the hours following a session at the pool (during which I watch my children splash and play while I just sort of lounge in the water), I feel 20 pounds lighter than before.  I wish I had access to one every single day.


All that to say that I am feeling particularly boring these days, so here are some photos of my brood to liven up this space:


photo 2 (46)

Moon Sand.  Get some, it’s awesome.


I love how pulling out a box of the next-size-up clothing is like Christmas for my kids.  Jamie has found some cool new duds in his drawers lately, and it’s always amusing to see what he’s drawn to.  And the sunglasses?  Well, the kid who refused to wear them for the first (almost) three years of his life can no longer be parted from his shades.


photo 3 (35)

His future’s so bright.


I try not to let Charles have access to my phone, because when he does, I end up with 25 photos just like this one:


photo 1 (45)

His father’s son, he is on his way to mastering the cheesy smile.


My mom brought some new toys for Buster.  It took him a few days, but he disemboweled them with his usual precision.


photo 3 (36)


Charles woke up and looked outside and said, “Mommy, is that SNOW?  In SUMMER?”  Nope, just the consequence of your dumb dog being dumb.  And then I made Charles clean it up, because I don’t bend down unless I have to.  Also, I am mean.


photo 2 (47)

In the heat, he acts more feline than canine, stretching out lazily in the sun.  His most active time is at night, which he spends outside.  Not because I’m cold-hearted, but because he wants to, and I am tired up getting up (or making Tony get up) at 2 am to let him out to play.


For all my idleness lately, Tony is working double-time.  He fixed our fence (which blew down this winter) and is working on the bathroom floor (new linoleum and baseboard).



That’s a lot of cement.


But he wasn’t too busy to bring me some beautiful flowers:



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