Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekend Plans

I have big, exciting plans for this weekend: I’m going to do LAUNDRY.  Baby laundry.  Loads and loads of it.  I plan to fall asleep on a pile of tiny onesies, clutching sweet, little baby socks (probably mismatched) in my swollen hands.


Thirty-six weeks, y’all.  Livin’ large.


photo (8)

I’m probably looking at all the mirror smears.

Tony’s weekend plans are slightly more robust.  He’s going to finish the bathroom remodel AND get the boxes of baby clothes out of storage for me to launder and probably weep sappy, sentimental tears over.  “My last baby!”  Then, in true Cook Family fashion, the boys and I will try to pamper him and probably only succeed in annoying the crap out of him for Father’s Day.


Speaking of, I love you, Daddy!  Don’t work too hard this weekend!

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